zaterdag 2 november 2013

Ode to a very special person

People always tell me “write for yourself, not for others.” I don’t, I really don’t. I’ll write what I like to write, but I want to share my world with other people. If I didn’t, I would have picked a different job. And so I do think of an audience, though I know I can’t please everyone. I want readers, and preferably lots of them (duh) and I want to share my world with them. I love it when people tell me they enjoyed my work.

So far my friends have been very kind about my writing. But then again.. aren’t everyone’s friends nice to them about their writing. I can’t help it, when friends tell me they like my work, I always wonder how much our friendship will influence their opinion.

And then I got a friend request from a guy on Facebook (I won’t name him by name, because I don’t know if he would appreciate that, but… you know who you are) and he wrote me a message that he read Coyote and he wanted to seek me out.

I. Was. Stunned.

There was a reader who liked my so much that he wanted to know what I was about. I told my husband “Someone I don’t know just told me he likes my work.” And we both did the little high five and squee thing. Daan said “You have a fan.” I waved it away… too soon to have fans. But then this guy apologized for being such a ‘fanboy’ (can you imagine, he actually apologized?? I was waving at the screen for him not to say sorry)

For me it was the first time I ever considered I might actually have fans. And I can tell you, it feels freaking GREAT. Of course by now the guy has become one of my friends. It’s hard not to like him, he is so incredibly sweet and lovely, I’m honored to know him! He introduced me to this wonderful woman who blogs (you can find her here: who has really put my work into the spotlight. I’m so humbled by all this kindness and attention.

So I wanted to write this blog, for this guy who really makes me smile. Thanks for being there!  

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  1. I totally appreciate your feelings of 'how much does a friendship influence their opinions of your work', but you have to trust that your friends are the ones who should be the most brutal, so they are actually your harshest critics. The fact that they are fans shows just how amazing you truly are.
    You've probably given Fanboy a semi-permanent, week-long blush, and that's great! He is a harsh critic as well! You've done the impossible by getting a five star review, SK doesn't rate 5 stars much ;)
    I could go on for days.
    This is a great post. I squeed and high-fived O/ with you guys!
    Congratulations on DEEPLY TWISTED, too!
    Lastly, thank you for the shout out ::bows humbly:: I'm just a little girl who loves to read, and started blogging because I can't contain myself when I'm lost in author's worlds... I need to talk about it!
    You're a great person, Chantal. Thank you for being you!

    Now, which one of these funky words means POST...
    I like the sound of Voorbeeld, but I'll try the blue Publiceren button...