zondag 27 oktober 2013


Main manuscript?


Book Cover? (And look how pretty it turned out… wooot)


Publisher doing his thing?


It’s that time again, the time of the pre-publishing jitters. Only a little piece of the puzzle needs to be added, and we are ready to rock and roll… or something. Hopefully by October 31st we’ll have a finished e-book version of my new horror collection ‘DEEPLY TWISTED’. On November 8th I’m hoping to put the paperback version out into the world, and we’ll turn it into a bit of an online party again. *puts on a party hat*

Made a t-shirt design again, and the lovely Leslie (our hostess) will get her friend to make more gorgeous trinkets (which I always want to keep for myself, I have to admit) to spoil the party goers with. It’ll be a hoot, it was last time!

Some of the stories in this collection have seen the publishing light of day before, but I like having all my work bundled together. A lot of work has never before been published, so don’t worry if you think you’ll have read them all. Even the work that’s been in anthologies has been revamped (no Halloween pun intended)

I loved working on this collection, I think it shows a lot of *me*. Some stories were written especially for certain themes, which was challenging.

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine, and she told me she was happy that I was going to publish something horror themed. She told me that she loved Coyote, but that horror was where my strength lies. It made me think.

I like horror, and I always call it my ‘go to genre’. It’s true, I can always come up with a horror story (not always in the theme people give me, but that’s beside the point). Of course the challenge is to stay original, if there is anything that is still truly original. Personally I am very creeped out by scary little girls, so they will often be the central monster in my stories – it’s important that I don’t just write the same story over and over again, with different characters.  
  Scary is a little like funny, it’s very personal. What scares me enough to want to hide under the covers of my bed might bore another person to tears. So if I try to impress people with my monsters, they might not find them that interesting. Rather than trying to be scary, I try to write a ‘good’ story, that way if people aren’t scared they’ll still like it. I’ve had reactions of people who were freaked out by some of the things I wrote, and that does my ole heart some good. Having an effect on people is what I long for. If one of my stories evoked emotion or made people think, I’m a happy woman.

October 31st is coming up fast, and I’m excited to share my collection with the world. I hope the readers will like it. Coyote was a little easier for me to promote through my artwork, because it had set characters that were more accessible for drawing. I made a few little doodles. It’ll be more difficult for me to make very specified games for the book party too, but I’ll think of something, I’m sure.

After this book launch I’ll be focusing on my next two projects. One will be my NaNoWriMo project, which will be an epic fantasy novel, and the next will be my “EVEN HELL HAS STANDARDS” series, which might turn out to be my most provocative piece up to now. I’m looking forward to both.


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